INCISE 2021 (Online)


Jun 14 to 18, 2021, (All day) - (All day)



Submarine canyons are important features along the world’s continental margins. They create heterogeneity in the terrain and provide the main pathway for sediment and pollutant transport from the shelf to the deep sea. Although long known, their study has always been a challenge because of their complicated morphology and extreme terrain.

Online Conference

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the 5th INCISE Conference will now take place online. Hosted by the School of Marine and Maritime Science at the University of Gibraltar, the event includes a series of talks and workshops.

The INCISE 2021 conference will encompass:

List of speakers:

Dr Peter Harris – GRID-Arendal, Norway

Dr Veerle Huvenne – National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

Dr Jaime Davies – University of Plymouth

Ivan Hernandez – University of Gibraltar