ONC Staff Profile

Yan Chen

Senior Software Developer, Software Development

Yan Chen joined NEPTUNE Canada in March 2009. As a senior Java developer, he is responsible for making technical decisions and recommendations to build robust, high performance, reusable and maintainable software components for DMAS.

Yan graduated from Shenyang Polytechnic University in China with a bachelor degree in Engineering. Before immigrating to Canada, Yan had been a project manager helping clients adapt to integrated mechanical CAD systems. That was when he became interested in software development. Yan started his professional software development career in 2005 and earned a Master's in Computer Science from University of Victoria in 2008.

Yan is an Extreme Programming advocate. He believes if it is done right, the paired programming and test-driven process can be very productive. Currently he focuses on the server-side of the DMAS system and enjoys solving complex problems.


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