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Pieter Romer

Indigenous Community Liaison, Corporate Services

Pieter Romer comes from a line of seafarers. His Dutch father was born in a “Captains House” and his grandfather was a captain of the ship “My Lady” which hauled paper around the world. His Nisga’a family have been skilled fisherman for thousands of years. Romer descends from the wolf clan or Laxi’buu.

At 6 months old, Romer was raised on his father’s 42-foot commercial fishing boat on the west coast of Vancouver Island, fishing between Port Hardy and Brooks Peninsula. The ocean became Romer’s playground. He once anchored near the Scott Islands and tried to row to the notorious Triangle Island for fun.

Romer is highly experienced in working with Indigenous coastal communities in British Columbia and parts of Canada. He has extensive knowledge of the BC nations and has almost visited every coastal Indigenous community. Romer believes it’s a powerful tool when Indigenous can run their own observatories and control their own data. Before working at Ocean Networks Canada, Romer worked for 20 years as a documentary Television Producer for CTV, CBC & APTN. At CTV, Romer became the Senior Producer for the highly acclaimed award-winning Indigenous series, First Story. He was also the Western Executive Producer for APTN’s News & Current Affairs. When Romer is not engaging with Indigenous communities he can be found taking photographs and producing videos for ONC.

Email: promer@oceannetworks.ca


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