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Nadia Kreimer

Data Steward, Observatory Operations

Nadia was born in La Plata, Argentina. She received a Diploma in Geophysics from the National University of La Plata in 2009. She joined the Signal Analysis and Imaging Group at the University of Alberta in September 2009 and finished her PhD program in Geophysics in 2013. After her PhD, she moved to Calgary to work in the Oil & Gas industry as a seismic data processor, where she produced pretty images of the subsurface for onshore and offshore settings. In this position, she spent over 2 years processing deep-water marine 3D seismic data for the Gulf of Mexico and learned the importance of having good quality metadata and data integrity. She joined Ocean Networks Canada in August 2018 as a Metadata and Data Curation Specialist. In her spare time, Nadia enjoy's fitness activities, listening (and playing) music, baking sweet treats and the outdoors.


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