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Mitchell Wolf

Data Steward, Observatory Operations

Mitchell joined Ocean Networks Canada in September 2017 as a Water Column Data Intern revamping data products for profiling systems. He then continued on at ONC in a Data Support and Instructor role for the PICES Summer School on Coastal Ocean Observatory Science hosted by ONC in July 2018. He joined the Data Stewardship Team in July 2018 as a Metadata and Data Curation Specialist enhancing metadata and data discovery, quality, and interoperability, and providing operations support during instrument installation and maintenance.

Mitchell completed his MSc. in Chemical Oceanography from the University of Victoria where he used Argo floats to study oxygen saturation during deep-water formation events in the Labrador Sea. Before his MSc. he worked as an Oceanographic Data Analyst at ASL Environmental Sciences and completed his BSc. in Combined Physics and Ocean Science, also from the University of Victoria. Growing up on the West Coast has driven his passion for understanding and protecting the oceans. When he's not studying the oceans, Mitchell enjoys making driftwood cat trees and travelling, with recent adventures to Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Greenland, Indonesia, and Nepal where he hiked to the base camp of Mt. Everest.


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