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Meghan Paulson

Director, Observatory Digital Operations, Executive

As Director of Observatory Digital Operations, Meghan leads the teams (Data Teams, Data Stewardship, Systems, Software Development) that essentially ensure the accessibilityfor researchers and the public aliketo all of the data being produced from ONC and partner observatories. This is accomplished through continuous monitoring and improvement to the overall observatory network, qualifying and archiving data according to best practices in research data management, assessing the quality control of data being produced, and creating data products to support researchers in visualizing and interpreting data.

Prior to joining ONC in the Spring of 2020, Meghan spent over 20 years working in the energy industry in engineering and management roles. The energy industry projects included onshore and offshore projects in the US and internationally. In addition to the energy industry, Meghan has been involved in scientific drilling expeditions including Ocean Drilling Program and the Lake Malawi Drilling Project. Meghan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Dalhousie University and a Master of Science in Ocean Engineering from the University of Rhode Island.

Email: mpaulson@uvic.ca



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