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Karen Payne

Associate Director for International Technology, World Data Systems, User Engagement

Karen currently works as the Associate Director for International Technology for the World Data Systems, a component of the International Science Council. She enjoys supporting international collaborative research and ensuring that valuable scientific data will be readily available for generations to come.

Before working at Ocean Networks Canada, Karen worked at the University of Georgia as the Director of USAID Contracts. In that position, Karen built data services for the international humanitarian community involved in disaster relief and recovery activities. Karen has worked in different industries including disaster response, coastal zone management and fisheries development, land use planning, and archaeology. Karen received a joint PhD in Geography and Engineering from the Australian National University where she used artificial intelligence to interpret satellite imagery. Dr. Payne is also a remote fellow at the University of Georgia's School of Public and International Affairs where she lectures on the societal impact and appropriate uses of technology.

When Karen is not working at Ocean Networks Canada, she enjoys yoga, hiking and recovering from jet lag.



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