ONC Staff Profile

Jina Mousseau

Graphic Design & Brand Specialist, Communications

Jina Mousseau likes to transform data into interesting, visually appealing information, and believes well designed material has the power to effect change, promote understanding, and empower people. As ONC's graphic design & brand specialist, she works collaboratively with the organization to develop and design materials that deliver ONC’s message with high visual impact. This includes translating complex ideas into accessible information to inform, educate, and excite a broad audience.

Jina has a Bachelor of Design with a focus in Marketing, and a diploma in Applied Communications. Prior to joining ONC’s communication team in 2016, Jina worked on an Interior Health campaign to de-stigmatize HIV and AIDS and encourage regular HIV testing. 

When she’s not working, you can find Jina going on adventures around the Island, or singing, often both at the same time




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