Science Odyssey: Pacific NW marine invertebrates


May 5, 2021 10:00am - 11:00am PDT


Online event

Pacific NW marine invertebrates: unsung heroes and how you can learn about them from marine science centres on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

In this virtual presentation we will provide a brief overview of marine invertebrates - a group of organisms that often receive poor public opinion despite the fact that they are major contributors to global biodiversity and marine ecosystem function. You will hear from 5 unique marine science centres located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia about how you can bring marine invertebrates to your classroom (Seaquaria), virtual learning of marine invertebrates (Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre), field trips to the only aquarium dedicated to marine invertebrates of the Salish Sea (Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea), how marine invertebrates have impacted BC’s nautical culture and heritage (Maritime Museum), and how you can access data on marine invertebrates from your own desktop (Ocean Networks Canada).

Free admission to this online event.