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Lucianne Marshall

Community Support Specialist, Corporate Services

Lucianne's role as the community support specialist is to facilitate ONC's partner communities and organisations to make the most of Ocean Networks Canada infrastructure and access the data available they may be interested in. This is anything from training community members on the operation of instruments, to use of our Oceans 2.0 data portal and interpreting and reporting on the data. Lucianne also works with Shipping and AIS data requests from scientists and communities.

Lucianne has a BSc (Hons) from the Scottish Association for Marine Science, and a MSc from the University of Victoria. Her research experiences at university studying marine Arctic sciences, with a focus on phytoplankton dynamics and optical technology, has evolved into a desire to strive for more community driven research initiatives. She wants to help conduct research that is useful to communities and scientific reserchers that helps establish best practice policies and promote environmental stewardship.

In her spare time Lucianne enjoys motorcycling, hike-camping and Arts and Crafts.



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